Rhetorical Velocity and Delivery

In Jim Ridolfo and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss’s Composing for Recomposition, they highlight many important arguments about rhetorical velocity and delivery.  Writing of the genre of remix, Ridolfo and DeVoss state that, “This genre scaffolds well into classroom conversations, and challenges students and researchers to find, argue for, and discuss other instances and mediums where ideas change shape, gather speed, and are elsewhere delivered.” In our classroom, we’re currently working on a remix of a global topic; considering this quote, I can see that a remix is a challenging, yet succinct way to display global information.

The term “rhetorical velocity” was defined by combining three definitions of velocity.  The term relates to speed in relation to the third party usage of materials to create a remix.  The article states,

We are proposing the beginning of a field conversation about how composers strategically design texts for re-appropriation by third parties, said Jim Ridolfo, a PhD Candidate in Rhetoric & Writing at Michigan State University.”

I will use the notion of rhetorical velocity in my remix by making the information remixed enough so that it is not plagiarized.  I will also be sure to make the remix go by quickly enough so that it’s not boring, but slowly enough to make sure it’s understood.


One thought on “Rhetorical Velocity and Delivery

  1. Good points! I am always terrified of plagiarizing by accident…It’s important to double check the sources and make sure the material is different enough to be your own. Also, the speed of the presentation correlates directly with the audience’s attention.


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