Universal Children’s Day 11-20-2015

A holiday that has always been very meaningful to me is Universal Children’s Day.  I was introduced to this holiday three years ago, at a meeting for the Early Childhood Education Club at my college.  I was astounded to find out that we celebrate this holiday in the United States because we are one of the only nations in the world where children do not have their own bill of rights!

Children are the most innocent and vulnerable people in the world, and the fact that they cannot have protection of their own rights is heart breaking and unjustified.  There are many videos and articles that the United Nations and non-credible supporters have put out, but I have found a video on Youtube titled, “Universal Children’s Day: A Celebration of Children’s Rights.” This video was created by Boulder Journey School, a preschool in Colorado, and it does a great job at depicting the issue at hand.

So, how does this video get the viewer’s attention?

The video begins with text on the screen saying, “A right is… as defined by four year old children.”  The children explain what a right is to them in their own voices, using childlike examples like, “Children have the right to eat apples when they’re hungry, and to play pretend everything.”  They also include some things that children should never worry about having such as, “Children have the right to clean water, and a safe place to sleep.”

This video uses sources such as the children and families at their schools, and a book about education and rights in early childhood.

This video creates and influences its audience

The video uses the voices of children to influence the emotions of the viewers.  Any person who is passionate about childcare, children’s rights, has a child, wants a child or can relate to children will feel sympathy for the children speaking in this video, and the children who the video is speaking about.  The logical argument of this video is the fact that children in America and many other third world countries do not have rights.  And the credibility is that this was released by a credible early childhood center, and they have used academic sources to back up their research.


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