Researching for #SayHerName OR #KeishaJenkins

I have recently been doing some research on the topics of the hashtags #SayHerName and #KeishaJenkins.  My interests were sparked when I heard of the tragic death of Keisha Jenkins, a 22 year old transgender woman from the Philadelphia area.  Seeing this story in the news was devastating, and it made me wonder why these deaths are still occurring.  What is making people afraid of accepting people from the LGBTQ+ community into our society?

So, that’s why I began this research project.  I am tracking the activity of the hashtags provided above, and using the data I am collecting to fuel my research.  After thorough investigation of this topic, I have come up with a few questions to guide my research and they are: How has the LGBTQ+ community reached out to nonmembers by supporting and accepting members like Ms. Jenkins? What about Jenkins’ case promotes acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community to society as a whole? Has violence within the LGBTQ+ community raised awareness outside of community, or are there now more questioning members due to the violence associated with “coming out?”

I have investigated these topics by creating an annotated bibliography using the site “Storify.”  I invite you to take a look at the beginnings of my research, stating with my annotated bibliography here.  Thanks!


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