Some brainstorming…

For my first assignment in this Writing, Research and Technology class, I am in the process of exploring a few topics focused around my own digital literacy history.

The first thing that came to mind was thinking about the shift or evolution of my online communication.  From AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), to texting, to Facebook messaging to formal communication through email, my literacy practices have changed while the literacy event has not.  I think that it’s interesting to explore the different discourse communities associate within each of these domains and to see which words or abbreviations have stuck with my online communication over the years.

The second thing that came to mind was exploring how I learned to type and how this literacy practice is carried into many literacy events in my life.  I could write about the motivation to learn to type because it was like a secret language that only adults or teachers knew.

The last thing that came to mind was discussing my first experiences with my first cell phone and how this literacy practice has stayed with me until this point in my life.  I could explore how the purpose of me having a cell phone has changed yet stayed the same and I could go into the literacy events that having a cell phone has let me be a part of.

What shall I choose?!?

aim gmail rzr


2 thoughts on “Some brainstorming…

  1. I think it is funny to see how many peoples first memories are with AIM, because so is mine. AIM, for me, was before a cell phone. I gained both good and bad things from AIM. I think narratives on AIM will be interesting to see from everyone’s different perspectives.


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